How and When to Water Your Lawn

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Everyone knows that your lawn needs water to grow but not everyone knows how to or when to. Having proper watering techniques are key to having a healthy great looking lawn. You want to water deep and infrequently so the grass roots will grow down to get their water. Having longer stronger grassroots will make your lawn more disease and drought resistant.

Your lawn needs 1 to 1.5 inches of water a week. You want to water two or three times a week and you want it to dry out between applications which creates the air and moisture mix for healthier soil. If it rains then that can count as a watering and you can adjust your schedule accordingly depending on the amount of rain you get.

Because some sprinklers lose more water to wind than others, the impact or impulse sprinklers are the best choice and have been around for years for a reason. Watering early in the morning is the best because there is typically no wind and the heat that robs your moisture is usually non existent. Don’t water at night because the moisture just sits there incubating disease and fungus problems.

To measure the output of your sprinkler, you can get a rain gauge or a tuna can which is an inch deep and set it in the middle of the stream of your sprinkler. You will get a feel for the output of your sprinkler and you can move it around the yard accordingly. Normally you will let the sprinkler run on a spot for a half hour or so.

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