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Some homeowners still believe that organic alternatives are too expensive and take too long to see results for their lawns, so they get frustrated and give up. Fortunately there have been a lot of advances in the field of organics and the prices are coming down with more competition and interest. In a lot of cases instead of waiting years you can now get results in months.

Even though we live in the want it right now era of everything, grass is a living plant and needs time to adjust. Lawns that use synthetic fertilizers have soil that has a low count of organisms and needs to be rejuvenated by adding compost and compost tea that add organisms to the soil and create an ecosystem that produces healthier soil and thicker grass.

After you establish a truly organic lawn you can expect less maintenance and less mowing saving you time and money. Knowing that you are a responsible steward of the planet doesn’t hurt either. The benefits are actually greater since your grass will get deeper, stronger roots with less watering. The grass will also green-up alot faster than other lawns after droughts, and you get the peace of mind that your kids and pets are safe.

Because Canada has banned all synthetics from their lawns and some American states are now following, people have found programs with natural alternatives can work about 90% as well as what they were used too. Using a topdressing of compost to wake up your soil,  organic compost fertilizer to add those depleted nutrients, corn gluten meal to act as a weed preventer, and Iron as a post emergent weed killer you can treat your lawn organically with great effect.

There still is room for improvement with the prices and a more diverse selection of organics, but it’s going in the right direction. Organic lawn care will become a bigger part of all of our lives in the future either by choice or by way of new laws. In either situation the more that people are educated of all the benefits that organically based lawn care programs can do for them the more they will be prepared and the more we all win.

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